Siobhan Uisge


Siobhan was always a relatively curious child, in both sense of the words. Born to quiet parents content with a calm life of fishing and selling what they found, Siobhan had an unusual amount of energy, not content with simply sitting and fishing. She often got scolded for the countless times where she jumped into the water instead, with the rather unfortunate effect of scaring off the fish. She was young when her natural affinity for swimming started to show, and was instead left to go searching for crabs and other small things in the coral, away from where she’d disturb the fishermen and their quarry.

Of course as she got older she grew restless once more, not content with just exploring the small reefs and coves of her home. It was at this time she became friends with the older medicine woman of her home. There she learned some of the secrets of alchemy, and that was where her true powers first made themselves known. Accidentally setting a small fire one day, she panicked and felt something flare. Looking back at where the fire was, she instead found a small pile of slowly melting ice. Luckily for her, the medicine woman was accustomed to such magic, having seen it when she was younger, and gave the young undine the guidance she needed to control it.

Still though, the more time passed, the more restless Siobhan grew. She knew every nook and cranny in her small home, every source of every ingredient, where the best spots for crabs and small fish were, and she found herself bored with her home as a result. Longing for adventure, she started picking up tips from the sailors, learning bits and pieces from them until she knew enough to actually be of some use to the crew. Inspired by her parents’ tales of great sailors and the creatures of the ocean, she begged them to allow her to go with them on their next voyage. As soon as she got their blessing, she packed up and headed out.

Sailing was interesting to Siobhan, and filled with the adventure that she’d craved since she was young. She often missed the chance to actually spend time exploring areas however, as the ships tended to leave within a day or two of docking. Finally, she decided she’d had enough one day and left the crew at Port Peril. There she worked at the docks, leaving to them to explore different areas on occasion. It was at this port she met a ridiculous human named Victor. He seemed convinced that he was a great captain who was definitely able to buy a ship, and she humoured him, taking him through the specifications of the various ships and eventually taking a shining to him. The two would often talk ships and grab drinks together, with Siobhan enjoying talking to such a flamboyant character.

It was at these docks she also met Karma, a woman of the night who Siobhan also struck up a friendship with. Together they freed a group of potential human sacrifices from a particularly unfriendly group. It was this sort of meddling that would later cost Siobhan.
Not all looked kindly on her good intentions, and she found herself on the bad side of the Harbourmaster after stopping some of his men from raiding houses after event. She also managed to antagonise some other dock workers after she found them harassing a Half-Orc who was new to the area because of his race. Familiar with that sort of harassment, especially what she put up with in some areas because of her own race, she may have reacted rather hastily in pushing them away with a bit of a hydraulic push. After that, she decided she’d found herself a new friend in Grish, and quickly decided that she’d show him around the port.

Unfortunately, all of this meddling would eventually catch up with her. Gambling with the Harbourmaster one night as a way to potentially make amends, she caught him cheating and called him out on it. In the tavern. Surrounded by other people. The insult was enough that the Harbourmaster convinced some pirates that she would make a good addition to their crew, and that’s how she ended up press ganged on the Wormwood.

Siobhan Uisge

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